“Get Spillt”
Rebrand Logo Animations
We love collaborating with other studios, especially when it's for them.

The Challenge

To create engaging inserts featuring the Spillt icon for their reel and website. As part of a branding and identity exercise, we were invited to develop logo animations in a variety of styles.

The Solution

We decided to develop three different concepts aligned with what we think and appreciate about Spillt.

We explored the multiplicity and interconnection that Spillt deploys to tackle each project. This connects, as in this case, many freelancers at the same time, creating productive dynamics between them.
Something that appears one way but reacts with an unexpected dynamic. Thinking of this as a leap into the future, I would like to use futuristic textures and shadings.
"Pandora's Box"
The Spillt logo icon "drop" serves as a lock from Pandora's box, a magical artifact in Greek mythology. It's about to unleash a powerful and beating creative force with a drop-shaped key.

The Process

We had a lot of fun developing these concepts, creating the models, experimenting with different textures, lighting, and shading, and playing with 3D animation.
"Get Spillt" Rebrand Logo Animations

Client: Spillt
Executive Creative Director: Ed Rhine
Executive Producer: Kate Swift

3D Design and Animation Studio: LUCIDO
Creative Director: Martin Ferdkin
3D Animator: Martin Ferdkin
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