We are a brand design and animation studio creating Title Sequences for Films and TV shows.
Title sequences set the tone and are the packaging for movies and shows.

They serve as a means to engage and captivate viewers, drawing them into the storytelling world while also conveying important information about the production, such as the cast, crew, and title.
And titles are brands.
We’re trusted by amazing companies around the world.
We are conceptual, cinematic, and iconic.
We provide comprehensive 2D and 3D motion design services for any productions related to feature film/TV main titles and branding.​​

We collaborate with a range of brands and operate within the expansive realm of entertainment.
LUCIDO is led by founder and Creative Director Martin Ferkin.
Over his career spanning more than 15 years as a 3D Motion Designer and Director, he has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed clients, including Fox, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, NatGeo, Sony, Paramount, and Amazon Studios, among others.

Martin is also a winner of prestigious awards such as PromaxBDA, Creativepool Annual, The Motion Awards by Motionographer, and BassAwards.

"Lucido" means illuminated, with ideas
Martin is committed to maintaining a consistent creative vision by prioritizing conceptual thinking and experimenting with visual languages that blend design, symbolism, and narrative to tell powerful stories.
Connect directly with him via ✉ martin@lucido.tv
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