Lúcido is the portfolio of Creative Director & Motion Designer 
Martin Ferdkin
I'm a Freelance Director & Designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I stand out for developing animated visual identity projects with a strong emotional imprint.

I have a broad skill set that allows me to take on complete projects on my own from the creation of concepts to the final result. I can also join teams remotely or set up and direct a special team according to what is needed.

For bookings, project enquiries, collaborations or just to say Hi! get in touch via ✉ martin@lucido.tv

I love Motion Graphics, Visual Identity and... yes, football.

I have more than 10 years in the Motion Design field working on Main Titles and TV Branding. 

I have a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and I added postgraduate degrees in Corporate Identity Management and Marketing and various workshops of 2D and 3D animation, postproduction, illustration and photography.  I have also participated in numerous university teaching activities related to design, visual identity and motion graphics at UBA and other schools.
For the last 3 years I have been working as Creative Director for Superestudio (superestudio.tv) which allowed me to to work directly for some of the world biggest TV networks like FOX, NATGEO, NICKELODEON,  DISCOVERY and SONY.

Previously I worked more than 7 years as Senior Motion Graphic Designer for TYC SPORTS channel (Argentina). Before than that I worked in different companies and studios, leading the design teams. 

• 3rd International Motion Festival (IMF) Cyprus 2015, Nicosia: "The Football passion in Motion" + INFO
• Motion Fest 2010, U.P., Buenos Aires: "Lo que se juega en un partido gráfico" + INFO 


• 2017 THE MOTION AWARDS: Category: TV / Streaming > Network Branding: 2017 Nick Refresh
• 2015 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA SILVER: "Pan Am Toronto 2015" 
• 2015 BASSAWARDS BRONZE: "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on TyC Sports " 
• 2012 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA BRONZE: "TyC Sports Branding 2012 " 
• 2011 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA SILVER: "Cazadores de Sueños"
• 2011 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA SILVER: "Paso a Paso Telenovea" 
• 2010 PROMAXBDA LATIN AMERICA GOLD: "Tribus" FIFA World Cup 2010" 


• IMF Cyprus 2015, Nicosia: "FORMA™ Manifiesta: Revolución" +INFO
• IMF Cyprus 2015, Nicosia: "The butterfly effect" BBC World Service +INFO
• "MIERCOLES sin acento", Caja Blanca, Buenos Aires: "One Motion Day"


Portfolio • DGCV
"Libero 2015 Opening" • BRIEF 
"TyC Sports Verano 2015" • BRIEF 
"2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on TyC Sports" • BRIEF 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" Review • CREATIVE BLOQ 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" • IDN 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" • BRIEF 
"TyC Sports Branding 2014" • DGCV 
"Feliz 2014/Happy 2014" • IDN 
"Domingol 2013" • FROM UP NORTH 
"Domingol 2013" • BRIEF 
"Domingol 2013" • DGCV 
"Domingol 2013" • HARDCOREGRAPHIC 
"TyC Sports London 2012" • INSPIRATION CGRECORD 
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