Sony "Carter"
Title Sequence
Lucido's CD Martin Ferdkin assisted Superestudio in conceptualizing, designing concept boards, and directing the title sequence for Sony's brand-new show 'CARTER.'

The Challenge

To create a Title sequence with a distinctive illustrative style that could set the tone and welcome viewers to the characters' challenges, considering the show's comedic nature despite revolving around crimes.

The Solution

We developed an illustrative aesthetic based on yellow tapes with black bars that delineate crime scenes.
We depicted the journey (and troubles) of Hollywood actor and series star Harley Carter (Jerry O'Connell), who returns to his hometown in Canada after a public meltdown. Teaming up with his police detective friend, he attempts to apply his acting experience to solve real crimes.
The Process

We created the concept art and storyboards, which were later transformed into vector illustrations and subsequently animated in 2D using After Effects. We were very meticulous in playing with scales to generate visual impact and highlight strong points in the storytelling.
Sony "CARTER" Title Sequence


Directed and Produced by Superestudio.

Creative Direction, Storyboarding & Concept Design: Martin Ferdkin
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