Premier "AA" Hockey League 
We collaborate with Canasian Media to pitch EHCL's new season brand identity and promo toolkits.

The Challenge
To create an animated visual identity that serves as the vehicle for all ECHL sports content remaining true to the spirit of ice hockey.
The solution

We aim to develop the aesthetics of ice hockey through 3D modeling with stadium lighting and shading, along with a highly frozen material.

To make it special and original, we decided to incorporate ice hockey scratches both in the league logo and in the modeling of all team badges. We also included other ice hockey details such as the glass and the rink lines.

We also developed a special Promo toolkit to promote the game days that include sliding and collision dynamics, in line with the game.


Production company: Canasian Media
Director: Jonathan Howe

3D Design and Animation studio: LUCIDO
Creative Director: Martin Ferdkin
3D Animation: Pablo Kerlleñevich and Martin Ferdkin

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