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"Onyx Equinox"
Trailer titles for epic Mesoamerican Anime.

The Challenge

To create trailer titles for Crunchyroll's original "Onyx Equinox" a dark, adult action anime series. Though the show was emotionally dark, it was always driving towards a glimmer of hope.

The Series Synopsis

Aztec boy Izel, chosen by gods after his sister's sacrifice, must close underworld gates to save her. Journeying through Mesoamerica, he confronts grief, allies, and divine tasks before the new moon, deciding the fate of humankind.
The Solution

Our proposal was colorful and abstract in nature, considering its psychological, epic, and often violent tone. We suggested portraying Earthling temples and structures in celestial colors, "enlightened" by the manifest threat of the gods.

This proposal would depict huge abstract structures slowly cracking, opening, and lighting up with celestial colors, symbolizing portals to the celestial realms.

This mirrors the real-life phenomenon at Chichen Itza during every equinox, where the late afternoon sun creates the illusion of a snake creeping down the northern staircase of the Quetzalcoatl temple.
The Process
We worked on modeling 3D temples and graphic elements, aiming to reflect the magnificence of the gods as well as the brutality of their treatment of humanity in the series.

For the typography, we sought to work with patterns of reliefs from Aztec temples, to provide context while also conveying a strong and heavy feel.
The Other Explorations

We made several approaches, capturing the tone of the series, until we found the perfect configuration of 3D structures, typography, and the chosen color palette.
"Onyx Equinox" Trailer Titles

Client: Crunchyroll/Warner Bros
Senior Art Director of Motion Design: Bill Bergen
Post-Production Producer: Tiffany Loving 
3D Design and Animation Studio: LUCIDO
Creative Director: Martin Ferdkin
3D Animator: Martin Ferdkin
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