Cartoon Network

Style Guide and On-Air Promo Packaging for Cartoon Network Fun Run.

The Challenge

To create an innovative and fully flexible new brand identity for CN Fun Run, a highly anticipated annual event, packed with excitement.
The Solution
"Running is a party"

"Carrera Cartoon Network" is a show in all its dimensions that literally turns into a celebration. Our graphic approach represents diversity and the joy of running outdoors with the family.
The Graphic Approach
"Running and dance track"
We took the Cartoon Network classic logo grid as if it were a dance floor with colorful lights, but in a sports code, using it to represent the massive aspect of the race.
At the same time, we created fun framings where there is a game of identifying the character through a specific part, and we generated a wide variety of combinable plots in the style of Kinetic Art.
Character Icons

We developed special illustrated characters iconographically, employing framing to highlight elements and leveraging the connection between a character trait and a specific element (e.g., Ben 10 - the chronometer).
Carrera Cartoon Network


Client: Cartoon Network
WarnerMedia / Turner Broadcasting System

Creative Director: Beatriz Rodríguez
Creative Manager: Leonardo López
Production Manager: Andrés Reid
Art Director: Fernando Asenjo
Creative writers: Isabela Pratto and Alejo Loitegui

Design and Animation studio: LUCIDO
Creative Director: Martín Ferdkin
Art Directors: Johanna Wilhelm and Martín Ferdkin
Designers: Marianela Márquez, Rocío Fernández Fuks, Julián Villagra and Martín Ferdkin
Illustrators: Rocío Cueto
Animator: Martín Ferdkin
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