Canon Wireless Presenters 
We collaborated with Balance with the Art Direction of this product video.

The Challenge

To assist Canon in launching their two latest wireless presenters, the PR-1100-R and PR-500-R, and visually emphasize that the Canon PR series presenters provide enhanced control over your presentations, instilling greater confidence and ensuring a hassle-free experience.
"Martin Ferdkin inspires his team to produce high-quality creative work, and possesses an innate understanding of client needs."
HaiHa Dang(邓海河)
Co-founder & Executive Creative Director at Balance 
The Solution

To immerse ourselves in the brand experience, we crafted a sophisticated, modern, and slick 3D animated product presentation.

This included the interplay of lights and shadows, chiaroscuro, and well-defined lighting, playing with the black palette of the object alongside Canon's iconic white brand.

Simultaneously, we created a sophisticated, modern, techy ambiance, incorporating subtle touches of red, such as the classic straps of reflex Canon cameras. 

You will always be ready to show your best with the Canon PR presenters.
Canon Wireless Presenters Product video


Head of Production: Jamie Nguyen
Creative Director: HaiHa Dang
Producer: Mark Arinsberg
Art Director: Martin Ferdkin (LUCIDO.TV)
Motion Designer: Duy Le

AGENCY - Paradox Media

Director: Sebastian Lee
Senior Account Executive: Roseline Wang

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