AMC Networks "Cocina Asiática"
Graphic Packaging for an Asian cuisine TV show on "El Gourmet" channel.

The Challenge

To create a graphic packaging that is extensive and contemporary enough to add episodes with different chefs from various types of Asian cuisines.

The first program featured Lis Ra, a Korean chef.
The Solution

Sumi-e is a monochromatic ink drawing technique. For the logo and graphic elements, we explored brush strokes and brushwork with Chinese ink, widely used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean calligraphy, and characteristic of all of Asia.

We decided to develop a modern palette to recontextualize an ancient technique, giving it a unique and sophisticated character.
The Illustrations

We developed a very rich and nuanced style of illustration, with multiple combinations, inspired by the colorful dishes of Asia.
Cocina Asiática (Asian Cuisine)

Client: AMC Networks
Programming Director- Lifestyle: Verónica Rondinoni
Producers: Maria Laura Pisello and Laura Krohn
Programming Administrative: Julieta Squeri
Design and Animation Studio: LUCIDO
Creative Director: Martin Ferdkin

Design, Animation, and Illustrations: Martin Ferdkin
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