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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Television commercial commissioned by Alkass Sports channels to cover the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.
The Challenge

To create TVCs for Alkass Sports Channels coverage for the FIFA World Cup 2022, promote Qatar as a host country of FWC 200, and introduce Qatar as a tourist destination.
Al Zubara Fort
Al Zubara Fort
 The "Golden Torrent"

Our animated video portrays the world's attention shifting toward Qatar, where global cheers transform into gusts of wind, stirring sand in the dunes and waters.

A radiant, golden torrent emerges, symbolizing the fusion of passion and natural elements, flowing through stadiums and iconic structures.

The creative concept "Golden Torrent" gracefully merges the passion for football and the gold of the World Cup with the scenic beauty of Qatar's landscape and architecture.
Al Bayt Stadium
Al Bayt Stadium
Education City Stadium
Education City Stadium
Al Janoub Stadium
Al Janoub Stadium
"2022 FIFA World Cup Final game" Lusail Stadium
"2022 FIFA World Cup Final game" Lusail Stadium
The Stadiums
It was very important to highlight iconic buildings and details of the Qatari landscape, as well as the grand and truly magnificent settings of the World Cup:  the stadiums.
The Process

For this particular project, we carried out a combination of 3D and live-action shooting involving practical hands-on modeling, handcrafted golden liquids, and 3D printing of stadiums and historical buildings in Qatar.
Alkass Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Client: Alkass Sports Channel
Art Director: Beshoy Garas
3D Design and Animation Studio: LUCIDO
Creative Director: Martin Ferdkin
Main 3D Animation: Martin Ferdkin
3D animation support: Leandro Feuz
Live Action: Malo™ Casa Productora
Music: Bamba Music

Live Action Production Team: Malo™ Casa Productora
Director: Germán Gugliara
Executive Producer: Juan Pedro Justel Seguy 
D.O.P: Hernan Eizmendi 
Art director: Mavi Rossi 
Production Manager: Pablo Saredo 
A.D: Ximena Llado 

Directed and Produced by LUCIDO
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