Juego Sagrado (Sacred game) is a football/soccer TV show for Fox Sports prime time about the SAF (Argentina Soccer Superleague). The concept is "top-quality Argentine soccer" with a modern 2D aesthetic with a palette of Argentine flag colors with special golden touches.

This is one of the five show packagings we built with visual systems that have both familiarity and diversity, setting a special and differential way to talk about Argentine soccer. They are part of the same system with a flat 2D aesthetic, powerful palettes, full screen frames, football iconography and high impact layouts.
Juego Sagrado / Fox Sports (Show Graphic Packaging)

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Concept and Graphic Design: Martin Ferdkin
Logo Design: Alejandra Lan
On screen Graphics: Mariano Pagella and Pia Vivo
2D Animation (Open): Horacio Herrero
2D Animation (Other): Martín Muerza and Ezequiel Odone
Production: Angeles Blasco

Produced by Superestudio & Lamole
Executive Creative Director SE: Ezequiel Rormoser 
Executive Producer SE: Marcos Torres
Account Manager SE: Sofia Teodoro
Fox Network Group Latin America
Juan Pablo Cionci, Creative Director
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